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Impact of Fiber Wealthy Food regimen on Well being, Doshas as per Ayurveda

Is Extra Fiber unhealthy for well being? What’s its impact on Doshas? 
Fiber is usually thought of to have dryness high quality (versus oiliness, unctuousness). Fiber wealthy meals are additionally onerous to digest or take a very long time to bear digestion. Fibers improve the majority of feces and maintain the abdomen full, thereby the particular person doesn’t really feel starvation and begins to drop some weight. 

Impact of Fibre on digestion

Fiber slows down the digestion course of. They keep within the digestive tract for an extended time period. Fiber wealthy meals usually lower Agni (digestive fireplace). Fibers improve the majority of feces. 

Fibers and Tridosha

Such fiber wealthy meals are perfect for 
folks with excessive Kapha – They naturally have extra oiliness and are usually overweight. Therefore, in them, it’s best to incorporate wholesome quantities of fibre in food regimen. The dryness of fibers counters the oiliness of Kapha Dosha. Vegetable primarily based fibers are extra suited to stability Kapha dosha. Carrot, beet root, broccoli, cauliflower. 

Fiber can also be best for folks with excessive Pitta dosha. They often have excessive starvation. Fiber helps to counter the surplus Agni (digestive fireplace). Fruit primarily based fibers are extra suited to lower aggravated Pitta. The sweetness of fruits balances Pitta Dosha. Pears, strawberry, avocado, apple, banana, orange (sweeter selection). 

Fibers aren’t nicely tolerated when Vata dosha may be very excessive. They can’t tolerate dryness and Vata dosha must be countered by a extra nutritious food regimen. In them, the surplus fiber might trigger diarrhea, bloating or constipation. 



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