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Do Collagen Serums Work? Plus, What To Use As an alternative

When you hit round your mid-20s (the precise age varies from individual to individual), your collagen manufacturing decreases by about 1% annually. So, sure, it’s an excellent thought to keep up the steadiness of manufacturing and degradation by means of supplementation, however this requires your physique to soak up the collagen you’re feeding it. 

Right here’s the factor: To ensure that collagen-infused skincare merchandise to work, the collagen molecules have to have the ability to truly enter the pores and skin—which is the place drawback No. 1 comes into play. “Collagen is a big molecule that sits on the floor of the pores and skin and can’t be absorbed into the dermis,” board-certified dermatologist Dendy Engelman, M.D. as soon as informed mbg

Engelman additional explains that it is a frequent advertising tactic within the skincare trade and confirms that any topical product with collagen in it can possible not present the claimed advantages. Some topical energetic substances can stimulate your pure collagen manufacturing, however not by the identical mechanism as layering collagen onto the pores and skin. 

In keeping with analysis, retinoids (together with retinol, retinaldehyde, and so on.) stimulate fibroblasts to synthesize collagen fibers and promote pores and skin elasticity by eradicating degenerated elastin fibers and enhancing the manufacturing of latest fibers. For that reason, it is smart that retinol merchandise typically declare to stimulate collagen manufacturing, with out promising to inject the pores and skin with new collagen itself.



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